Doing What I Love

Hello and welcome!  I am Jennifer, a watercolor artist who is known for creating whimsical, colorful, and nature-inspired works of art.  I love to make bright and cheerful paintings that fill rooms with joy and happiness.

I have enjoyed making art as far back as I can remember.  I actually dreamed of being an art teacher or an artist growing up, and I made art whenever and wherever possible.  As an adult, I knew that I wanted to use my love of art to help others.  I received a Masters of Science in Art Therapy, and, for a number of years, I worked as an art therapist for adults with various stages of dementia.  I loved my work as an art therapist, and I continue to have an admiration for the incredible field of art therapy.  During my time as an art therapist, I also had a small side business in which I sold my watercolor artwork.  Due to the amazing support from so many of you, as my side business began to expand, I eventually made the decision to transition my career into selling art full-time.  As an artist, I hope that I can share my love of painting and all things art-related with you.  Watercolor painting is my passion, and it allows me to express myself naturally and freely.  I find that there is a fluidity and charm that comes from painting by hand with watercolor paints that never fails to keep me mesmerized.  I feel incredibly lucky to get to do what I love every day, and I have all of you to thank for that!


My art is often inspired by the words of the great impressionist artist, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who once said "Why shouldn't art be pretty?  There are enough unpleasant things in the world."  I have that quote hanging in my studio to remind me that art is a powerful tool that can be used to showcase the wonder, joy, and beauty of the world.  In addition to Renoir, I am moved by the works of many of the creative innovators of their time, especially in the realms of impressionism and abstract art.  Some amazing artists whose work I find quite inspiring include Charles Burchfield, Camille Pissarro, John James Audobon, Pablo Picasso, and Wassily Kandinsky.  I am also moved by the world around me and the simple everyday joys that come with it.  I like to think that inspiration can be found almost anywhere if willing to look for it!  You can learn more about my creative process and inspirations by visiting me on Facebook and Instagram.