Watercolor Whimsy

Magical Spaces Abstract Series February 25, 2017

Hello there!  I am happy to share that I recently started working on a new series of abstract paintings inspired by magical spaces and places!  I am really excited about this project, as it is allowing me to play with beautiful, bright colors and with fun, whimsical brush strokes.  My goal with this series is to abstractly depict magical spaces such as fairy tales and folklores in a vibrant and unique way.   Each painting from the series has its own theme that is filled with elements of that theme.  Since these are abstract paintings, some of the elements are noticeable while others are a bit more hidden in each work.  Below are a few paintings from the series that are now available for sale.  You can learn more about each painting by clicking on the images below.  I hope that you enjoy these new paintings just as much as I have enjoyed making them!

1. "Fairy Garden"

Fairy Garden abstract painting

2. "Gnome Forest"

Gnome Forest abstract painting

3. "Thumbelina"

Thumbelina abstract painting

What kind of enchanted space would you like to see me paint next?  Comment below and let me know!  Have a magical day my friends!

Watercolor Throw Pillows August 29, 2016

Watercolor Throw Pillows

I am happy to share a new addition to my shop: throw pillows featuring my abstract watercolor designs!  These throw pillows are meant to bring fun, color, and joy to any space!  It is really neat seeing my work translated onto a textile format, and I just love the look and feel to these pillows.  They are quite comfortable, too, so they can actually be used for more than simply a decoration if desired!

Jennifer Ahern watercolor throw pillows

Each pillow cover is is made from soft and durable spun polyester poplin fabric, and it measures 14 x 14 inches (some additional sizes are also available upon request).  The pillow cover is printed on both sides with the same image and also includes a concealed zipper.  You can purchase just the throw pillow cover itself or the cover with a removable pillow insert.  Please feel free to learn more about these new throw pillows by visiting my shop!

Watercolor throw pillows
Coral Sky throw pillow
Watercolor throw pillows

I hope that you like these happy throw pillows as much as I do!  Please comment below and let me know what you think of this new collection, as I always love and appreciate hearing feedback.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


New Circle Abstracts March 03, 2016

I recently created some new circle abstracts in happy and lively colors!  I had a lot of fun putting these abstracts together, as they really allowed me to paint in the moment and just enjoy the creative process.  As a result, I think that the positive energy that I had while making these really shows through in the final paintings themselves.  Hopefully you are able to see that energy in these pieces, too!

Coral Sky

Coral Sky Watercolor Abstract Painting
Coral Sky painting in progressCoral Sky Watercolor Abstract Painting

Red and Teal Circle Abstract
Red and Teal Circle Abstract painting in progressRed and Teal Circle Abstract

Both of these paintings are currently for sale at my website shop and Etsy store.

In other exciting news, I am now back to working on my bird series, so stay tuned for updates on the latest on those paintings!  You can follow me on Instagram at @jenniferahernart for the most current updates on my work!

Have a wonderful day!

New Watercolor Phone Cases October 24, 2015

Jennifer Ahern watercolor phone case

Watercolor cell phone case

Happy Saturday! It’s a pretty rainy day here in Austin, but my brand new phone cases sure have helped brighten things up! I am so excited about them that I might start selling phone cases with some my art designs! Please comment and let me know if you’d like to see that happen, thanks!


Abstract Color Studies August 24, 2015

Abstract color studies

I recently painted some fun abstract compositions to loosen up and to play around with color combinations a bit.  I just love getting a chance to explore with colors, shapes, and brush strokes when I'm not working on a more formal or structured painting.  It really allows me to relax, have fun, and get the creativity flowing!  I decided to put some of these new lovelies up for sale at super low (priced-to-sell) prices!  If you would like to learn more about one of these paintings, just click on the photo of the painting below.  It'll take you straight to the listing so that you can see more pictures and details of it :)

Abstract Study in Green

Square Study in Purple

Abstract Study in Orange

I hope that you enjoyed seeing these fun compositions as much as I enjoyed making them!  
I am hoping to make some more of these color studies soon and would love to know what other colors you would like to see.  Feel free to comment with your suggestions below!


What I’ve been up to Lately July 31, 2015

Abstract watercolor painting in progress

It has been a crazy time for me to say the least (see previous posts)! My husband and I have been busy unpacking and getting settled in to our new home in Austin, TX. So far, Austin seems like a great place to live, and I’m really looking forward to exploring the city and surrounding areas much more in time. As a Midwestern gal, though, I must admit that adjusting to the heat down here is certainly going to take some time!

With everything going on in my personal life lately, it’s been nice to finally start getting back into a grove with my art business. I’ve started painting again, and I just finished a new abstract painting entitled “Heavenly View.”  I like each viewer to see what he or she wants or needs to see in my abstract work, so I don’t like giving too much away about my thought process for creating a piece. However, I thought I’d share just a little bit into the creative process behind this painting.

Heavenly View Abstract

Without trying to sound morbid, the concept of death intrigues me. I previously worked as an art therapist with older adults with dementia, so I became quite used to dealing with end of life issues on a daily basis with my job. And with the recent death of my beloved dog, I have been thinking about this topic more and more. Consequently, I’ve been reading a few books as of lately on near death experiences and the idea of life after death.  This piece represents my thoughts and reactions to what I have been reading, and what the transition of life on Earth to life after death could possibly be like. I really enjoyed painting this abstract, as it pressed me to dig deep. It’s a very soft work of art, and whether or not the viewer sees what I see in the painting, it is meant to encourage peaceful contemplation.

Heavenly View abstract watercolor painting close up

I hope that you enjoy this painting and that you perhaps even come up with your own interpretation of what it represents. That’s why I love creating abstract work- each person sees something different in each piece!

Happy Friday,

HUGE Moving Sale May 22, 2015

Watercolor art sale
Hi Everyone!  With both a wedding and a move on the horizon, now is the perfect time for a BIG SALE!  I need to get rid of major inventory before the move, so from now until Sunday, June 14th everything on my website and Etsy shop will be 25% off!  Just use the code MOVE25 when you checkout on either site.  Snatch up something now, as I won’t be having another sale like this for a while!

Happy Friday!

New Abstracts April 29, 2015

Hey there, life has been a bit chaotic for me lately so I apologize for the lag between posts. Nevertheless, I wanted to share what I’ve been working on lately. Here are three finished abstracts, and the originals are all for sale right here.

Sunshiny Day Abstract:
 Mermaid Dream Abstract:
Mermaid Dream
Fuchsia-Cobalt Abstract:
Fuchsia-Cobalt Abstract
I would love to hear your input on these and also what other color combinations you would like to see in the future!  And if you would like to see photos of my latest paintings in progress, be sure to follow me on Instagram :)