Moving to St. Louis! March 24, 2017

Moving to St. Louis

I am excited to share that my husband, my sweet pup, and I are moving to St. Louis, Missouri at the end of the month!  It is bittersweet to be moving, as we have really come to enjoy living in Austin, Texas.  However, this move affords us a wonderful opportunity to be closer to family and friends, and for that we are incredibly grateful.  With all of the “moving” parts going on between moving out, moving into a new home, and setting up a new art studio, these next few weeks are going to be quite busy!  As a result, any orders placed on my website between March 27th - April 16th will be packaged and shipped on April 17th (or sooner if I can!).  Thanks for your wonderful support, and please be sure to stay tuned for a sale once I have settled into my new studio!

P.S.- This might sound “corny,” but I am really looking forward to seeing the Midwestern scenery again, cornfields and all!  I really must be a Midwestern gal at heart!