Magical Spaces Abstract Series February 25, 2017

Hello there!  I am happy to share that I recently started working on a new series of abstract paintings inspired by magical spaces and places!  I am really excited about this project, as it is allowing me to play with beautiful, bright colors and with fun, whimsical brush strokes.  My goal with this series is to abstractly depict magical spaces such as fairy tales and folklores in a vibrant and unique way.   Each painting from the series has its own theme that is filled with elements of that theme.  Since these are abstract paintings, some of the elements are noticeable while others are a bit more hidden in each work.  Below are a few paintings from the series that are now available for sale.  You can learn more about each painting by clicking on the images below.  I hope that you enjoy these new paintings just as much as I have enjoyed making them!

1. "Fairy Garden"

Fairy Garden abstract painting

2. "Gnome Forest"

Gnome Forest abstract painting

3. "Thumbelina"

Thumbelina abstract painting

What kind of enchanted space would you like to see me paint next?  Comment below and let me know!  Have a magical day my friends!