American Robin Painting July 06, 2016

American Robin Painting
I had quite a few requests for it, so I recently painted an American Robin!  The American Robin is a beautiful songbird that can be found throughout most of North America.  It also is a great addition to my series of state bird paintings, as it is the state bird of Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin!

Although I have yet to see one here in Texas, I used to see this bird all the time when I lived in the Midwest.  I would often see the robin fluttering around on the grass looking for worms.  As of lately, I have been missing the Midwestern grass that I am used to sinking my bare feet right into- it is incredibly soft and green!  Thus, I decided to be a bit nostalgic with this painting by placing the robin in a very green patch of grass that reminded me of my midwestern roots!

The original painting and archival prints of the American Robin are now for sale on my website, and below you can see a photo of what the print looks like!

American Robin art print

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my latest bird painting!  Have a wonderful day!


P.S. - Please be sure to check back here soon for information on an upcoming giveaway of my art!