Back to Painting Soon July 14, 2015

Life has been, well, crazy.  In the span of just two weeks my beloved dog passed away, I got married, and my new husband and I moved from Milwaukee, WI to Austin, TX.  I think those are all the big life moments that I can handle for a while…

 It has been an emotional time for me to say the least, and I have been filling these past few weeks with both happy and sad tears.  I’m trying to let myself go ahead and feel the mix of emotions that I need to feel during this time.  I still miss my dog, Bailey, immensely.  I am actually writing this at 2:00 AM because I am having trouble sleeping without Bailey by my side.  I am also happy to be married to the wonderful man that I now get to call my husband (and I’m still getting used to even calling him my husband).  I am excited for our new adventure here in Texas, but our new house also feels quite lonely without Bailey and my family nearby.  And I’m exhausted from all the packing and unpacking!  Talk about a lot of emotions to feel at once!

Someone wise reminded me recently that I am going through three of life’s big stressors all at once, so it is okay to deal with and process everything at my own pace.  It’ll take some time to feel a sense of normality again, but for me that starts with painting again.

 Making art is my way of keeping a diary- it allows me to express how I am feeling in the moment.  And it is through this process that I both find and lose myself at the same time.  It has been about a month since I have painting or even sketched anything, and for me that is way too long.  As an art therapist, I know the healing powers that art can bring, so I know that making art is in my best interest for my sanity if for nothing else.  I started setting up my art studio earlier today so that I can finally sit down to paint again very soon.  The studio will be a work in progress for a while, but as long as I can start creating art again I think that it’ll do nicely.