Why I am not Changing my Last Name when I get Married June 08, 2015

Most of you know that I am getting married to my amazing fiancé later this month! With that comes a lot of change, but one thing that I will not be changing is my name. Because I have already had a lot of questions and even some pushback surrounding this decision, I wanted to take a moment to briefly explain why I am keeping my maiden name when I get married.

I first want to start off by saying that this is an individual choice I am making. I am not trying to convince anyone that this is what all women should do when they get married. I am not trying to say that a woman who takes her husband’s last name is not for gender equality. Both my mother and grandmothers took their husbands names when they got married, and I do not see them as weaker women because of that decision. After a lot of thought and consideration, keeping my birth name makes the most sense to me. And here are a few of the reasons why:

  1. My name is my identity. I like my name. I have built a “name” and a career for myself, and my name is even directly attached to my business. Given all of that, it seems silly to me to alter that identity now that I am getting married.
  1. Knowing what I know about the history of the women’s rights movement, I personally feel proud to even have the right to maintain my birth name. Many women have fought throughout history for the right to maintain their last name, just as women have fought for the right to vote, the right to own land, etc. We are still a long ways away from true gender equality, but, personally, I feel that keeping my birth name after getting married is a step in the right direction, made possible only by women who championed for that right.
  1. I am not planning ahead in case of divorce. I love my fiancé dearly, and I hope that we will be spending our entire lives together. Me not changing my name is not an indication that I have any reservations about our union. I am not demanding that my soon to be husband change his name, and I appreciate and highly respect the fact that he is not demanding that of me either.

So that is basically why I feel it is important for me to keep my birth name even after getting married. I know that not everyone will agree with this reasoning, but I do hope that you can respect this decision that I have made.   Thanks for reading, and I appreciate you for hearing me out!


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