Exciting Announcement May 12, 2015

Texas Longhorns inspired watercolor painting

I am happy to share that I my soon to be husband and I are moving (right after our marriage in June) to Austin, Texas!  It will be quite a move, especially since most of our family and friends are located in the Midwest.  And I’m also worried about how our dog, Bailey, will handle the move in his condition (see above post).  But, overall, we are really excited for this new adventure!  I have heard amazing things about Austin, and I am looking forward to exploring all that the area has to offer.  And I think it’ll be a wonderful, new place for growing my art business.  Plus, I have always been more of a warm weather girl, so I am actually looking forward to the hot summers and mild winters.

Are you living in the Austin area or have you been there before?  I’d love to hear your words of advice on living in Austin or on exploring that region!

In honor of the move, I’m also creating this Longhorns-inspired abstract.  I hope that it does the burnt-orange nation justice : )

Bye Y’all,